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Does contact from a person issuing a cease and desist communication letter, do anything to its effectiveness?

Oklahoma City, OK |

This person mailed me a letter accusing me of harassment, telling me not to contact them in anyway. I have not made any contact. Since said letter, this person has: friend requested me on social networking site, Called our home phone, crossed state lines to sit in front of my home and stalk me, Posts my blogs in a way that makes it look like i'm trying to cheat on my spouse, constantly posts negative, (i feel, slanderous, libel, and defamatory) status messages about me, and members of my family, one of which was a minor, AND now has a friend writing a book! about certain life experiences of mine, using my name, and casting me in a bad light. (ALL SINCE ISSUING THE LETTER) WHAT can I do? Does this persons behavior nullify the letter they originally sent? Help? :(

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Since the letter had no legal force, there is nothing to nullify. It appears that you are being harassed, and I suggest that you contact a local attorney. You can find one in Oklahoma City via AVVO search or in local ads. Take the letter along, as well as the details as to this stalker. It may be that your attorney will suggest you file criminal charges, but CONSULT FIRST.

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