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Does Cobb County use the ETG test to screen for alcohol while on probation?

Kennesaw, GA |

I am currently on probation in Cobb county . When I was placed on probation I was made to sign something that stated not use several specific hygiene products because of their alcohol content. According to this document exposure to small amounts of alcohol could register on a test. I believe the type of test that detects such small amounts of alcohol is called an "ETG" test (although I am not 100% on that.) I am a big user of hairspray and I wasn't sure if I should take this seriously. I thought that maybe this was some sort of scare tactic, or that maybe in the past they had so many false positives that they had to include some warning just to cover themselves. I was just wondering if I should legitimately be concerned with this and if this is actually the type of test Cobb county uses.

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The ones in the Drug Court lab do use the ETG testing.



I appreciate it. Do you know specifically about standard, non Drug Court probation? I have been on probation before but that was over 6 years ago. They did not make me sign this document that time.


Any probation department can utilize the technology of ETG whenever they want. ETG tests are not something that are done "in house," they are sent out to the lab. Therefore, all they would have to do is order one of those tests form the lab that they send out to.

Often, unless specifically ordered by the judge, most probation offices dont do them as they are expensive (although you ultimately will incur the cost) and they take up to 3-5 days to get the results. Therefore, they simply rely on stick tests and breath tests. However, if you are a multiple offender involving the use of alcohol, they may do it due to your track record.