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Does Chiropractor Help Auto Personal Injury Claim?

El Paso, TX |

Being that my attorney is giving me the runaround, I no longer wish to go to his recommended chiropractor. I don't feel I need this service; it's off bus route so I have to pay cab. I don't even know the fees for the x-rays, therapy, etc.

I feel I'm just getting more in debt.

If I decided to keep this attorney, could refusing to go to the doctor appointments hurt my claim? Does these visits really help with the claim? Is it possible that my attorney only wants me going there because he possibly receives referral fees from this chiropractor?

Lastly, if I decided to continue with this on my own, contacting the insurance companies , do you think they'd at least take care of the car damages from the at fault car owner and my medical expenses (could possibly be $5,000 or more in expenses)?

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Please contact your attorney and set up a face to face meeting. Have him explain what the reason is for your chiropractor visits. Oftentimes injured people seek chiro treatment when they sustain soft tissue injuries such as sprains and strains in their neck and back. I suspect that the chiro will likely agree to reduce his bills after the case is settled thereby increasing your recovery. However, if you do not think his care is helping with your injuries then by all means see what other treatment your physician or chiro suggest. Good luck.

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You need to schedule a meeting with your attorney and discuss your questions and concerns ASAP. They know the most about your case.

Good luck.

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I agree with the other attorneys that you should discuss these issues with your attorney. That being said, insurance companies do evaluate claims based on the extent and type of treatment the person has had. Perhaps your attorney will be able to direct you to a medical provider that is more convenient to your routine. Chiropractic treatment can be very beneficial, but if it is not for you, and you still have pain, ask your attorney if there are any other treatment options. Also ask your attorney how your medical bills will be paid, so you can feel at ease. Generally, you will get more compensation if you have an attorney representing you.

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It is likely that it is just easiest for your lawyer to get reports from one therapy place as opposed to many. Call your lawyer to discuss your concerns.

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If you want to terminate your lawyer, you can do so. It is your right. However, your lawyer can assert a lien against your case for his/her attorney fees in accordance with the contract unless your lawyer is terminated for good cause. So, if you desire to terminate your lawyer, it is best to get a release of the lien in writing before proceeding on your own or hiring another attorney.

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You have valid questions and your attorney should be able to answer them. Set up a meeting. The necessary medical treatment for any person is highly individualized. Insurance companies look at all medical care with a jaundiced eye already. Sometimes doctors themselves view car accident cases with some disdain. This means you cannot always get medical care where you would prefer. Lawyers understand this and can help you pursue the right provider for you. Perhaps your attorney has done this. Get with him or her and find out. Good luck!

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If you are still in pain and still need treatment, then medical treatment of any type, including chiropractic treatment increases the cost of your medical bills, and documents in a verifiable manner that you are still suffering pain. Those are both items of damages that you might recover, so they both do "help your claim" in the damages category of your claim. But, the way you ask the questions, raises a small red flag for me. If you are continuing to make visits to the chiropractor just for the purposes of increasing the amount of your claim, you're not doing anyone a service here, yourself, your lawyer or the chiropractor. The insurance adjustors and lawyers on the other side of your claim are smart enough and generally experienced enough to recognize when someone is just trying to run up the bills on a claim, especially if the bills are mostly diagnostic in nature, without any objective findings of injury and then a long span of treatment at the chiropractor. The comment you make about the geographical inconvenience of the trip to the chiropractor is the second small red flag that the pain your suffering from isn't your primary motivation for the trip. Clients who are suffering will do whatever it takes to make the pain go away. But the largest red flag in the text of your question is your statement that your lawyer is giving you the run around. Lawyers are sometimes busy and sometimes overly busy, and it becomes difficult to answer every phone call, return every phone call, and respond to every question, so I agree with the other commentators here, you need to make an appointment, and get face to face with your lawyer so that you are certain that you have his or her attention. The discussion needs to be an honest one, as your lawyer can only do a good job representing you if you are completely honest with them. The question seems to be, are you totally healed now so that the case can be settled. . . if there is no real pain issue going on, no diagnosed injury which may require some future serious medical treatment, and especially if you don't honestly feel the need for further chiropractic treatment, then you need to report these things to your lawyer and let him wrap up your case for you. If the lawyer wants you to continue seeing a chiropractor just to run up the bills in the case, you should find another lawyer. My two cents.


Attempting to handle this on your own will only make things worse. An attorney has negotiating skills to deal with insurance companies. I would talk to your attorney about your concerns. If that does not work you can always find another attorney.
Good Luck

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