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Does california offer a occupational license for driving, I have child support arrears in boston and mass suspended my license

Sacramento, CA |

and california did so afterwards, I need to drive for work as im a nurse and at least 40% of the jobs for nursing outside a hospital involve driving in their requirements
does ca offer one and if so how do i qualify, seems stupid to me they would take away my drivers license to compel me to pay child support when doping so limits my ability to work and make money to pay it.

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If California has suspended your driver's license for unpaid child support, the suspension would cover all license classifications. Perhaps your best hope would be to address the issue back in Boston to see if you can negotiate some type of resolution as to the payment of the back child support.


There is an interstate agreement to honor actions taken by other states against your license. You'll have to get the suspension lifted in Mass. To get the suspension lifted in CA.


It is not entirely clear what state you are actually licensed to drive in. With that said, in order to have the suspension lifted, you will have to address the underlying reason for the suspension. I think your best bet would be to contact an attorney who practices in Mass. Avvo should be a good resource for you to find a couple of attorneys for you to call, and most should offer a free consultation. Good luck.



was lic in mass, since age 16 till it was initally suspended in 95, still suspended