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Does both spouses have to sign the final divorce papers? Can a spouse that has been supporting the household stop doing that?

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My husband is a vet and we live on a va section 8 voucher and since he's the vet they didn't put my name on the lease. He wants to kick me out and he's been spending all of the pay he receives so I can't even put gas in my car! What do I do, what are my options. I need his monetary assistance until I find a job. I haven't worked since 2/09.

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He cannot just kick you out, file a motion for temporary alimony


You may want to call the Veterans Affairs Administration at 1-800-827-1000 regarding any pay or benefits you may be able to receive directly. You may also want to contact your local Section 8 representative. Each area is different; some Veterans Affairs Offices require appointments and some allow walk in's. Many have section 8 officers there as well. You may need to get independent assistance from one of those agencies, or both. Also, contact your local legal aid office for family law assistance with your issues.
He cannot legally kick you out of your home, but if you feel like your safety is an issue, then seek assistance from local law enforcement and or the Courts (Petition for Injunction against Domestic Violence)
Dependng on your circumstances, you may aso qualify for public assistance until you can either get alimony, or seperate maintenance.

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