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Does bond lower if an inmate serves time instead of paying bond?

Laredo, TX |

I just want to know if an inmate got arrested for aggravated assult with a deadly weapon and got a bond of 25,000.. how many days does he need to serve in jail in order for his bond to lower or for him to get out of jail?

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Sitting in jail is not going to reduce his bond amount. It will only create a credit against the actual custody ordered at his sentencing after conviction. The only thing that will lower the amount of the bond is if he requests a bail review hearing and persuades the judge to lower his bond.


After serving 90 days and if the state is not ready for trial, his attorney can argue that his bond should be statutorily lowered to an amount he can make or reduced to a personal recognizance bond. In addition, his attorney may make motions for the reduction of bond before the 90 days, but it is not statutorily required in the same manner as the post 90 day version I previously explained.


His bond will not be lowered automatically. It could possibly be lowered if his attorney files a motion and shows the court good cause.

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