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Does Arizona have a 12 hour wet reckless program?

Peoria, AZ |

My son is in NV; got a wet reckless in CA, now wants to move to AZ. Is there a 12 hour wet reckless program he can complete in AZ?

This was his first of this type of offense. He got the DUI reduced to wet reckless when he was living in CA, and since has moved to NV - but now wants to move to AZ.

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If your son has probation requirements that require him to get counseling or other treatment there are many such programs in Arizona. He needs to contact the Court in California and find out the name of the counseling agency in California they can advise him of the requirements. He would then contact any municipal court or justice court in Arizona and they can give him the name of a local counseling agency which can coordinate with the California Court or California counseling agency. All of this assumes he is not in default with the Court in California if he is he is going to have to square himself with the California Court before he does anything.


The other attorney gave correct information. There are many programs in Arizona that offer 12 hour programs. You can go to the Arizona MVD website and see a list of approved alcohol screening programs throughout Arizona. You can call one near you and talk to them about the program and the cost. Of course, you must first square it with the CA court.

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