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Does Anyone know where I can find the Nevada rules or codes in the 8th Judicial District?

Las Vegas, NV |

Regarding Vexatious Litigants and Malicious Prosecution. More Specifically for family Law if applicable?

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You should also look at some of the case law regarding NRCP 11 as well as Supreme Court Rule 9.5 (It is new).


Absolutely. All court rules and NRS statutes are published online in Nevada (unlike many other states). Just Google "Eighth Judicial District Court Rules Nevada" and you will get all the procedural rules. Google "NRS" to get the entirety of Nevada Revised Statutes. Google "Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure" to get that code. In general, these will be the three sets of statutes you will need to interpret. Specifically, look at NRCP 16.2 to see many of the special issues regarding family law discovery. I have a hunch you are having a family law discovery issue.



Thank you. Do you know if a guardianship law would fly if attached to a custody case with previous guardianship cases involved?


As noted, they are online. Local rules and the Nevada Rules of Civil Procedure (NRCP) are at the link attached.

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