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Does anyone know when this new real estate housing bubble will end?

Las Vegas, NV |

I live in Vegas and It's almost impossible to buy a house when you keep getting outbid by these dame investors. Is this temporary? When will it end? When can a normal family buy a house again?

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I'm hoping within the next year. The foreclosure market is likely to flood in the near future. Once the banks start doing judicial foreclosures and mediations start going through again, there will be a glut of available homes. That should cause prices to go down artificially until the market stabilizes again. I would wait to buy.



I know, no one can predict the future but, an educated opinion to forecast, is the next best thing! Thank You!

Thomas D. Boley

Thomas D. Boley


Yeah, it is kind of a shot in the dark. I have some outside involvement in real estate, so this advice really isn't legal advice.


No one can predict the future with certainty. Even the Oracle of Omaha sometimes makes mistakes.


As was stated in the earlier answer - no one can predict when this bubble will burst. It will eventually. Meanwhile, keep pursuing the homes that fit your needs.

My best to you.

This firm is in the business of helping people and companies file for bankruptcy protection. Therefore, the bankruptcy code requires that we call our firm a "debt relief agency." This information is provided for general information purposes only and is not intended to be a legal opinion, legal advice or a complete discussion of the related issues. Nor is this advice intended to create a client - attorney relationship. Every individual's factual situation is different and you should seek independent legal advice from an attorney familiar with the laws of your state or locality regarding specific information.


People that can accurately predict the future usually like to go to casinos to make a quick buck rather than investing in real estate, with the associated capital requirements & time involved. I would urge you to become friends with an insider if you want to become more successful with your real estate endeavors. Hope this perspective helps!

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