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Does anyone know if Santander Consumer USA is in a class action law suit?

Bradenton, FL |

The business practice of 2nd party loans seems a little underhanded. They repo your vehical if you don't pay all of the overcharges from the original loan in 2 months, then hold the vehical (like a hostage) until you sign a new contract with them. You have no choice if the vehical is worth more than you owe to them and you have a bunch of undisclosed items that you have to pay for like the cost of the repo (370.00) the return of your personal items (125.00) and of course their intrest. Just seems more like the way the mob does business than a ligit american company?

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In 2010, a Class Action Notice was issued to California vehicle owners involving allegations of improper disclosures in notices given by Santander Consumer USA when owners' motor vehicles were repossessed or surrendered. Whether you have a separate claim (individually and/or on behalf of a class) will depend upon (1) whether you fall within the aforementioned class,(2) the content of any notices provided to you, and (3) the terms of your agreements with Santander Consumer USA.



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