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Does anyone know anything about the Aldrige Law Group?

Seattle, WA |

My home is in foreclosure with a sale date. They are offering to represent me and say they can stop the sale immediately by doing the following:
The Law Firm will send out the "Limited Power of Attorney/Authorization to Represent" to your lender simultaneously. This document will tell them that you have retained Aldrige Law Group as your LAW FIRM and that they are going to do a complete forensic review of the loan to look for RESPA and TILA violations.

What is this and does it work?

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The Washington State Bar has a free program to do the same thing and help people in similar situations You should be able to find that law group as licensed attorney in Wa otherwise be careful.
Good Luck

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Shawn B Alexander

Shawn B Alexander


Also you can google the law firm name and the word scam for information.


I agree with Mr. Alexander; you should consult with an attorney licensed in
WA because there are specific procedures available here that allow you to
negotiate with your lender if you act within a short period of time after
receiving the notice of trustee's sale. Simply telling the bank that
someone is doing a forensic review will not stop the sale. (A forensic
review would mean that they look over your initial loan docs to see if
there was a violation of federal lending law when you got the loan. They
might also check your payment history to ensure that the bank has been
properly crediting payments, etc.) There is not enough room here to explain
the options in detail but you have to make sure you talk to a Washington
attorney because other states have different laws.

I am not your attorney. My response is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.

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