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Does anyone know about how long it will take DACA applicants to get a work permit after submitting request to USCIS?

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My question is does anyone have a ballpark of how long or about how many months that I can expect to wait to actually receive a work permit? (Last year my wife and I filed our own I-130, Petition for Alien Relative and got approved in 5 months).

I meet every single one of the requirements for DACA and have an exhaustive amount of evidence in the form of documents. I had all of my evidence in order well before Aug 15th and as soon as the DACA forms were made available on Aug 14th I downloaded them and filled them out completely and correctly. I assembled my packet with cover sheet, completed forms, fees, 2 pictures, and a ton of copies of the required documents to satisfy DACA requirements. The next morning, Aug 15th, I mailed out My DACA packet via express mail, On Aug 16th I received proof of delivery from USPS.

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Processing times vary from application to application depending on volume and USCIS staffing capabilities. The time it takes to process a DACA application can range from 60 days in some types of cases to 27 months in others.

Unfortunately, because this application was only just released, we have no idea how long it will take for USCIS to adjudicate them. I-765s are usually in the 60-90 day range, but that's when they're adjudicated on their own based on an already-pending underlying application. These I-765s will require the adjudication of the I-821D as well, and that's where the processing times are unknown.

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It sounds like you did a good job completing your DACA application. I can only guess that the applications will be considered in the order that they are received. Based on the information received from various attorneys they have received many applications.

How long it takes to get through all the DACA applications will depend on how organized and prepared the government was before they started receiving the applications.

Processing the DACA forms will take the USCIS at least long enough for the biometrics and background check.


I hope that your self-confidence about doing everything so perfectly pans out.

I've already done a dozen applications and, even with 34 years experience as an immigration attorney, I can state that the process is far from simple and straight-forward.

We are hoping that it will only take 90 days. But, it has also been predicted that a large number of applications will be filed that are incomplete and need closer examination.

CIS has a limited number of employees and thus, it is impossible to predict processing times.

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Update: I was approved for DACA and Ead on 10/24/12 about two months and 9 days from the day I sent my application.

F. J. Capriotti III

F. J. Capriotti III


Congratulations. Yes, many of the 'early filers' were processed quickly ... let's hope that this trend continues, now that they have over 300,000 applications in the 'pipeline'.

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