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Does anyone have experience with repressed memory involving a child sexual abuse accusation?

Brooklyn, NY |

I'm being falsely accused of child sexual abuse some 15 years ago by my troubled niece. This false revelation came about from a repressed memory uncovered by a so called therapist she has been seeing for the past 5 years or so.
It is very troubling to live with the reality that I may be picked up at any time and having to go through the system. What is however more troubling by far is the fact that I need to live with the reality of being accused of a horrible unthinkable crime I never committed and would never commit! All of which is perpetuated by an unlicensed, uneducated, self ordained therapist that uses bad methods which are not recognized to hold any medical or physiological value.

Can anyone offer advise on how to proceed in both, defending myself if I get arrested or any legal I can take to restore my reputation?

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First, because this is not yet a settled area of psychology, it is extremely unlikely criminal charges will be brought. Second, unless you have minor children under the age of 18, then the person and/or therapist reporting the matter to ACS/CPS will likewise go no where. As such, the only avenue the person has left is to sue you in civil court. And if the therapist is unlicensed, such testimony is extremely unlikely to carry any weight - and indeed you may be able to successfully counter-sue for a frivolous case.

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Your situation is way too complicated to resolve in a few sentences. You are having your leg pulled by a child protective establishment that feeds off of federal act dollars. It may be that excessive "therapy" is taking place and the case is being manufactured. Understanding the therapist's methodology here is crucial. The therapist should lose her license if this is true. Expect the court to back the therapist because both are regulated and supervised by the appellate division. Lawyers for Corp Counsel are just doing their jobs to pay their bills.

Good luck.