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Does anyone have any Idea how long its going to take to get a hearing date for my Motion to hear a Writ of error Coram Nobis???

Sacramento, CA |

I filed it Oct.9,2012 in the trial court. These are the same people that fabricated the case to begin with.Even if they burn the file ,I have enough evidence to convict them of numerous crimes; Criminal Conspiracy, Actual Fraud, Constructive Fraud, Frauding the Court, 6th ammend. rights, and a whole bunch more. I am not even sure where to place this? Is it civil, criminal , Both???

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Hold on a moment before you stress yourself out too much. First, the court where you will get your hearing date is not the same people who brought you your charges. Presumably, that would be the Sacramento D.A.'s Office. If you filed your Writ of Error Coram Nobis, it likely behooves you to obtain dates from the Clerk's Office or the Division Clerk. Regardless, you should contact the Clerk just to determine the circumstances in which you will get a hearing date. You may then be required to notice it (i.e. send a notice to the prosecution of your hearing date). Needless to say, you are moving forward on an ancient vehicle with which to try to set aside your conviction. You had best proceed with counsel. Coram Nobis writs are difficult to win.

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I thank you for your response. I am doing all this in pro se but I have a couple of Legal advisors keeping me in the right direction. Your right, the whole legal system isn't bad. Just a few, and I am taking out the trash on them. Thanks again. No need to stress out. It will work out. Richard


Coram Nobis writs are very thought to win. The hearing of such motions depends upon the court' s schedule, which just be consulted before filing a motion. These are highly technical motions which, frankly, should not be undertaken without an attorney.

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