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Does any Attorney online know if Mobile has a drug court, similar to Baldwin County?

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With a 1st offense, 20 year old, charged with Misd Poss of Marijuana in Mobile. Is there some basic advise from experience that will direct the defendant to available options, similar to Judge Wilters court in Baldwin County. It seemed that Baldwin County has the drug court that helps the 1st time charged defendant to the less course of action, to help the defendant be directed away from future similar actions.

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Yes it does. (251) 321-2636. FYI.These courts get federal tax dollars to run their operations.


I do not know, but am pretty sure that a first time offense on a misdemeanor will have some sort of diversion program available. Drug court is for people who really need to be protected from themselves and constantly monitored, in my eyes. Hire an attorney, or at least get a free consultation from one in the area, to find out.

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