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Does an online business need to follow all these steps highlighted here? (in this link)

San Jose, CA |

I plan to start an online business with a website and use Paypal for customers to purchase items. I do not plan to have a physical store or presence. Will I need to file all these forms? and tax id's/permits?

Or can I just use a website service and start selling products now?

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You probably don't have to do 1 and 2 (though they would be helpful).

6 and 10 depend on your business's requirements.

You should do the rest.

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I would also include looking in to the possibility of purchasing liability insurance.


If you are starting a business and you intend to see it grow and prosper long term, I would recommend that you speak with a business attorney who can guide you thru the process and set up your business in a proper way that will best benefit you and your business. There are more business related issues to think about beyond what is listed on "10 Steps to Start a Business," although the site is a good source to educate yourself and does provide helpful information.

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