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Does an Alimony garnishment have priority in Oregon

Portland, OR |

I already have a creditor garnishment on my wages at 25% of my net. I just received an alimony garnishment for 60% of my gross. What will happen next, will the creditor garnishment stop and the alimony garnishment start right away or will the creditor get their money first to get paid off?

I guess my question would be, "do support orders have precedence over all other garnishments in Oregon?"

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A garnishment is a collection tool that is used by a creditor to collect money from a third party who owes money to the debtor. Normally, garnishments are prioritized based upon the order in which they were served with the oldest garnishment having priority. Also, there is typically a maximum amount that can be garnished from certain sources. Garnishments can be issued by a court clerk or the creditor's attorney. There are also wage withholding orders which are issued by a court typically for non payment of support. I highly recommend that you immediately take your paperwork, whatever it may be, to an attorney experienced in Oregon debtor / creditor law and sort this out to make sure that the amounts withheld are properly coordinated.

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