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Does an agenda have to be posted before a meeting of the board of directors of a HOA?

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See above. The agenda would list the business to be conducted. I am sure I saw that rule some place.

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Yes, under California law, HOA board meeting agendas must be posted along with the notice of meeting pursuant to California Civil Code §1363.05, known as the Common Interest Development Open Meeting Act.

With limited exceptions, HOA boards are not allowed to discuss or take action on any item not on the agenda. Also, these requirements do not apply to executive sessions.


You saw it in the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act, Civ. Code Sec
Subparagraph (f) describes the notice requirements for HOA Board meetings and adds at the end:
“The notice shall contain the agenda for the meeting.”
(i)(1) goes on to say that the Board may not discuss or take action on any item unless it was on the agenda, although that does not prevent nonmembers from raising any issue not on the agenda.
You should acquire the Condominium Bluebook for about $23, which contains the Act.. Order on line at

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