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Does alimony end if my ex moves in with her boyfriend?

Levittown, PA |

I pay my ex wife 1450 per month in alimony [until June 2017]. I also have custody of our 3 sons and she does not pay any child support. Now, my ex has moved into her boyfriends house. She will not offer any info [address, etc] regarding her new situation. I am struggling to make ends meet.
What can I legally do?

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The terms of your settlement agreement would govern this matter. Unless specifically specified otherwise, her alimony should terminate upon her cohabitation with her boyfriend pursuant to Pa.C.S. 23 § 3706.

Accordingly, you would have to present this matter to the court to have your payments formally ended. If you had an attorney handle your divorce, you should review this issue with them. Otherwise, you should contact a local attorney to assist you with ending this obligation. Hiring a lawyer will pale in comparison to having to pay alimony for another four years.

A link to the section of the divorce code dealing with alimony is here for your review:

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