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Does absconding probation add another charge and additional time to a suspended sentence?

Wilmington, NC |

I have been on probation for five months. I was convicted on three charges and sentenced to 120 on each charge. All suspended for 18 months probation. All three charges were senteced concurrent to the other. I have recently left my residence and avoided my probation officer. I have been told that officers have been to my previous residence looking for me. I am going to turn myself in by the end of the month and activate my sentece. My question is can the three senteces be changed to run consectutive by the judge, and are there additional charges for absconding?

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Your problem probably is not an additional charge. It is that at least in Florida if a judge suspended your sentance and you violate probation and the court finds you guilty of the violation unless the prosecutor agrees you go to jail for the time of the suspended jail time.


If the original sentences were to run concurrent then they will stay that way. This is not a new sentencing hearing. You will not get additional time for absconding, but this will be a probation violation worthy of activating your sentence. If this is a first violation, the judge might also simply give you a few days active and extend your probation. He can also out you on intensive probation or house arrest. There are lots of options.

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