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Does a violation show up on a employment background check?

Portland, OR |

I was cited theft 2 for taking extra accessories when I purchased a vaccum. When I went to court I pleaded not guilty and it was lowered to a violation with 24 hours of community service. I was an employee and was fired. So now I need to find another job and I was wondering if a violation shows up on a background check. Should I worry? State of Oregon

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It depends on what kind of 'background check' is being performed. There are a wide variety of companies that sell 'background checks'. Oregon has a state-wide computer system known as OJIN. A very simple search will quickly list all of your state-wide court matters. This includes everything from civil matters to criminal matters and includes traffic tickets and 'violations'.

You may want to talk to an attorney about your options -- whether you can withdraw your plea, or about how you go about cleaning up your record, also known as an expunction.

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