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Does a unpaid traffic ticket turn criminal for non payment?

Mays Landing, NJ |
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Technically the answer is that a traffic ticket will not amount to a criminal violation. It is a moving violation. But, the reality is that as a result of your failure to appear in court, a warrant for your arrest has most likely been issued for contempt of court. An order to suspend your license has also most likely been issued. All things considered, it would be preferable to take care of things voluntarily, rather than wait for it to be compelled. Arrest warrants tend to be executed at the most inopportune times. You can post bail on the warrant at any police station. Call ahead and confirm whether there is a warrant and how much money you need to bring.


This does not turn into a criminal charge. However a bench warrant for your arrest can issue die such non-payment of the ticket. Your NJ driving privilege can be suspended as well.


I agree with my colleagues. Your license is likely suspended. Check with MVC. Call the Court, there is likely a warrant for your arrest (this will not happen unless you are stopped) and find out the bail. You can post this there or at any police station. This is not on your CCH so it should not effect any employment, but some employers check abstracts. Depending on the type of ticket it could raise an eyebrow (like DWI). Also if you need a license for the job this type of employer will see you are suspended.


It will not become a criminal violation, but a warrant will issue for contempt of court. Then you will be facing the traffic tickets and a contempt charge. The worst part will be that if you come into contact with the police they will arrest you and most likely force you to pay bail. Then you will receive a court date to resolve the tickets and the contempt. Bail will most likely be set at between $500 and $1,000, but as long as you appear on the court date you will receive the money back after they subtract any fines and court costs, unless the bail wa not your money. Depending on your reasons why you have not resolved the tickets and what you received the tickets for, you may need an attorney.

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