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Does a tenants right at a motel in the state of Oregon become null n void when they have been moved to another room?

Medford, OR |

I have been staying at a motel in the state of Oregon for a few months. About 2 weeks ago I was moved to another room on the property because the side I was living on is being renovated. 5 days after my move to the other room I was told when my rent expires in 10 days I would have to move cause the side I was moved to will soon be renovated as well. Doesnt seem fair to move me from 1 room to another only to tell me I have to move again without more time anyways. I pay my rent on a monthly basis so I know I have/had rights. I need to know if they became null n void when I was moved to another room?

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Good question. No, you don't lose your rights just because you moved to another room. You have all of the rights of a regular month-to-month tenant. However, there are definitely some special circumstances when you are living at a motel. This is a pretty unique situation and I'm sorry that I just don't know what your rights are exactly when you live at a motel. If you have a lease agreement, that should help clear things up a lot.


Your tenant rights do NOT become null and void just because you switch rooms.

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