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Does a speeding ticket of 22 mph over the limit in a car affect my commercial license

Melbourne, AR |

I got a speeding ticket in pike county arkansas in my rental car for 77 in a 55 I'm from california if I just pay the fine will this affect my commercial license as I am an otr driver

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I'm not sure what your options are in Arkansas for dealing with the ticket but I advise every one of my CDL holding clients to contest everything and take all reasonable steps to keep their record as clean as possible.


The effect on your license will be determined by California law, but will probably be dependent on how it is disposed of in Arkansas. Contest it, and see if you can negotiate it down. If you run into difficulty doing it on your own, consider hiring a local attorney, who is more familiar with the options the local judge and prosecutor will consider. I do not practice in Pike County, and do not know anyone who does; but I have seen where local counsel can give you a real advantage in these types of cases.


Even if you were not in a rig which requires a CDL to operate, a speeding ticket for 22 mph can, and most likely will affect your CDL as an OTR driver. By just having a CDL, it limits what can be done to dispose of the matter in the courts. (No more deferred adjudications, etc.) Get a local Pike County, Attorney who handles traffic tickets and is familiar with the needs of OTR drivers and their record.

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