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Does a restraining order have a statute of limitations in state of FL

Orlando, FL |

statue pf limitations on restraining order in florida

it does not say on court paper if it is permanent or a time limit. Can I find out from the cleck of the court office.

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Attorney answers 2


Not sure what exactly you are asking. A judge can issue a permanent injunction against you. In order to get the injucntion dropped against you, you would have to file a motion to have it terminated or diddolved. Under those circumstances there are no statute of limitations.

If you are asking about what events a judge may consider when deciding whether to issue an injunction, the law does limit what they may consider and time limits may come into play. There is also a burden the petitioner for an injunction must meet before an injunction can be issued. Once issue the judge sets a time limit for the injucntion or may make it permanent.

I would call an attorney and set an appoitment to review the Petition against you. You should bring the Petition stating the grounds for the reqest that was served on you to the appointment.


It depends on what type of inunction was issued. Was it permanent or just for a set period of time?