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Does a request to enter default affect my custody court order

Oxnard, CA |
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How do you have custody order without a pending case? Regardless, of course the default judgment effects your custody--if it is granted, then he will be awarded sole legal and physical custody if that is what he asked for and you chose not to respond to the lawsuit. You need to seek the advice of counsel immediately and there are often unintended consequences of not participating in the divorce. In the meantime, I am including links below which will help you educate yourself on the law. Good luck.

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I agree with the previous response and want to stress the importance of responding to all court documents. Not responding the a divorce petition can have custody and visitation ramifications. It is tough to give you any guidance without additional facts to ascertain the best means of obtaining resolution for your family law matters. It is important for you to speak to an attorney that can help address your concerns and create a course of action to obtain resolution in the divorce.

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I agree with Ms. Norton.

I believe that you asked the same question multiple different ways, but here goes nothing:

It is difficult for any of the attorneys to give you a precise answer on Avvo without more facts, but it seems that you received a temporary custody order without technically having what is called an "appearance." Most likely that would mean that you had a separate domestic violence case, a separate child support case through DCSS, or some other case that was not consolidated with the dissolution (divorce) petition filed by the other party.

If you fail to respond and the other party takes your default the judge can make a permanent custody order that would trump the temporary order you most likely have. You should respond. If they have already entered your default, you should file a motion to set aside the default along with your proposed response. This is a very time sensitive issue. Most of the grounds for setting aside the default expire 6 months from when they vest. You should really consult a family law attorney to ensure your custody rights are harmed because you failed to respond.

Best of luck.

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