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Does a police officer have to have a arrest warrant to arrest me at my home on manufactoring/delivery of a controlled substance

Brady, TX |

sheriff department used a informant that had been busted with large amounts of meth before to set me up but all they have is audio and both times she got me i told her that i had to go pick it up. So what i need to know do they have to have a search warrant to come to my home and arrest me?

but when they came to my house to arrest me i got a possession of a controlled substance less than a gram and my two delivery were less than a gram also but if they didnt have a search warrant to arrest me i wouldnt have got the possession charge i personally think these are bullshit charges but am looking at prison time and need a legal advice on this

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To urge your thinking in court about this you'll need a lawyer so move on that now and hire one


A warrant is not always necessary to arrest, even at one's home. These issues however are very very fact dependent and you really need an attorney to review what happened. What ever you do, do not make any statements to law enforcement. Demand an attorney. ANYTHING you say can be used against you and most likely will be used against you.

Good Luck

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