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Does a poa have to be signed by witnesses and/or notarized?

Goleta, CA |

husband and wife have poa and wife now has dementia, can the poa be used to sell the house without it being signed by witnesses or notarized in arizona?

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It appears that the POA was executed in Arizona, but not signed by witnesses or notarized there. Is that correct? Where is the house located? In general, California will recognize a POA that was validly executed in a sister state, assuming the POA grants the power to sell property. Generally also, POAs that deal with real estate must be notarized. I'm not an attorney licensed in Arizona.

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I am licensed to practice law in California, and I am not licensed to practice law in Arizona. However, I do have a license in AZ as a Certified Legal Document Preparer. I have attached a link below to the statute on POA's in AZ.

My understanding of the statute is that you essentially need a witness and a notary. Further, there is specific language to be used in the witness acknowledgement. As a CLDP practitioner in AZ for three years before moving to CA to practice law, I prepared hundreds of POA's. Each one contained two witnesses and a Notary as a matter of policy.

I would suggest you consult with an attorney regarding the validity of the document, as well as the source of the document.

Best of luck!

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Thank you for the great information about POA. My friend who is a <a href="">certified legal document preparer</a> said the same thing. Great answer!