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Does a person who receive SSdisability can be the sponsor for his fiance on a K-1 visa?

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Someone told me that my fiance needs another sponsor because I am a social security disable. I am from USA and he is from Morocco. His brother lives in Portland Oregon and he is able to be his sponsor. Can he be his sponsor even he lives in Portland Oregon and I live in Orlando, Florida?

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If the petitioner's income is not enough to meet the affidavit of support requirements, then, yes, they he/she will need a co-sponsor for the affidavit of support.

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Yes. Sponsor is required and an live anywhere in the us.


I agree with my colleagues that you will require a co-sponsor. It does not matter where the co-sponsor lives as long as they live in the US and meet the poverty guidelines.

Marc Taylor, Esq.


Yes he can be a sponsor. I'd have to confirm income/assets and poverty line guidlines to ensure you meet the treshold. But having a third party sponsor is not an incredibly unusual thing, it is allowed as long as the numbers make sense.

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