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Does a out-of state corporation have to file for a California DBA if it wants to do business as a Fictitious bisiness name?

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Does an out-of state corporation have to file for a California DBA if it wants to do business as a Fictitious business name?


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If it wants to do business here in CA, it needs a qualify as a "foreign" corporation and pay Franchise Board Tax and designate a CA agent for service of process, and then then register for a CA dba.

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And, if you use the same business name as that associated with your foreign corporate registration in California, then you will not need to register as a fictious business name.

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That is secondary. First, the foreign corporation will need to register with the California Secretary of State as a foreign entity doing business in California (and thereby subjecting it to California taxation and regulation; in some instances, in may be better just to form a new California business entity). Depending on the circumstances, BOE, EDD, business license, and other registrations may be needed.

In California, fictitious business names are filed in at least one of the counties in which the business operates. Filing such a DBA alone does not entitle an out-of-state business entity to do business in California, under any name. Here's some more information about California fictitious business names, from my website:

It would appear from your question that you would be well advised to seek the assistance of an experienced California business attorney to help ensure the success of your new business venture.

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