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Does a non-custodial parent have to provide the custodial parent with their new address? if so, how long do they have to do so?

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My husband and I have physical custody of my stepdaughter and we share joint LEGAL custody of her with her biological mother. We recently (this past sunday) were informed that her mother has recently moved. We requested on Sunday her new address, she asked for ours and never replied with her address. Now my stepdaughter is scheduled to go again with her mother next week and we are concerned because we have no way of knowing where she is staying at. Does the law/court require the Non custodial parent to provide a custodial parent that information? If so, how long do they have to provide it? is there any legal action that can be taken to either withhold visitation until that information is provided? Please advise. Thank you!

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This is a common difficult question to answer. One always must be careful when you contemplate NOT obeying the court's orders. But, if the other parent does NOT tell you where she is living, it may be a basis to not allow the child to go on the visit. But, to be sure, look at any court orders to see if that is an included provision. Again, if you withhold the child from the mother, then you take a chance that you could find yourself in court answering to the judge as to why you are keeping the child from the other parent. So, before YOU decide what to do, be sure. Also, you may consider speaking with a local qualified family law attorney to discuss rather or not the orders will need to changed. Good luck!

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