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Does a Nolle Prossed case for Pettit Theft shows up in an employment background check?

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I received a letter in April 2010 saying the charges against me have been dropped or dismissed. Today a filled all the papers for a new job, they will perform a background check with HireRight Inc. Even thought the case was a Nolle Prosse, I am afraid they will no give me the job because of what happened back in 2009

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Your record will show that you were charged with a crime. Seeking an expungement is definitely a way to avoid such problems in the future; however, expungements do take time to process so you may be a bit late to effect an expungement before a background check is performed. That said, you can still submit a petition and let your potential employer know that you are in the process of seeking an expungement, if the topic comes up.


The arrest will likely show up. You should try to get it expunged.

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It doesn't show up as a conviction; it only shows that you were charged. You should speak to an attorney about how to get that charge expunged from your record.

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Yes, it will show up. You should petition to have the case expunged. Hire an attorney in Dade County.



Thanks for all the answers. I absolutely will get the change expunged as soon as possible. Hopefully I will be able to get the job, I am prying for it!!!


It will show as an arrest unless you expunged it.


Yes it will you need to get the record expunged.

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