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Does a Nevada state business license required for a Nevada LLC that is formed to hold real estates?

Las Vegas, NV |

I am forming a Nevada LLC to hold my real estates investment in Nevada, soldly for asset protection. Do I need to get a state business license ($200) as well as EIN? I understand I would need it if I was conducting an active business in Nevada, but real estate holding/asset protection is passive. Thanks in advance for your help.

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In general, all businesses that perform a service or engage in a trade for profit in Nevada are required to obtain a State Business License. There are some exceptions. In addition county or municipal licenses may also be required. An EIN number is a Federal requirement and may or may not be necessary depending on many individual circumstances of your LLC.

Purely passive entities that engage in no business within the state may not need a business license - however if the LLC is holding assets with the intent of selling for profit then it is a different story. The cost of a business license is minimal to the headaches that can be caused by failing to follow the regulations.

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