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Does a MALE STAY-AT-HOME-HOMEMAKER qualify for US-Citizenship, in the N-400-ApplicationForm, Part 6 b, for “employment history”?

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We learned, it is perfectly acceptable for married women to list themselves solely as “stay-at-home HOMEMAKER”.

Is it also ok for a stay-at-home homemaker MAN (50) with his male US-partner (58)? He’s an honorable military retiree, 20 y. of service, still working for the forces as a civilian. We might run into an image problem here, even with discrimination, although society is changing towards more tolerance and equality.

We now live together since 15 years. I had no job income otherwise. All else should be easy with my immaculate record. My diligently record keeping on all also proves all. Are we required to e.g. even marry, just to be more “acceptable” on the N-400-Form? Or can I list myself, too, like the married women, as “stay-at-home HOMEMAKER”? What would be the USCIS reaction?

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No need to marry and no need to worry about being a homemaker.

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Although the application inquires about your work history, the same is not relevant for naturalization eligibility. As long as you've been an LPR for at least 5 years, have good moral character, meet the residence requirements, and pass the English and Civics test, you qualify for citizenship. Go for it! If you'd like peace of mind about your eligibility, go see and even hire an experienced immigration attorney to guide you through it.

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It is advisable to be represented by good counsel even in the filing of the application and at the interview. If you have questions about how to fill out forms seek counsel; as far as your question just tell the truth and be honest, don't feel you have make yourself into a certain "image" for USCIS.

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