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Does a Landlord have to give you a copy of your lease? Am I bound to the lease if i did not receive a copy?

Richmond, TX |

I decided to move out only one week after i signed a 1 year lease. I notified the apartment management and per their instructions I have to give 60 days notice plus a reletting fee. I did not receive a copy of the lease at signing because they said the manager was not in and she had to sign.

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If you signed a lease and the apartment rented to you after your signing the lease (meaning they accepted the lease), you are bound by the lease. As far as a copy of the lease, the landlord should either provide you a copy of the lease, or allow you to make a copy of the lease.



I am a 23 year old going to college at Mississippi State University. My current 12 month lease expires 28 Dec 2011 and my mom co-signed for it back in Jan 2011. My landlord had me sign a renewal on 15 Nov 2011 and gave paperwork to send to my mom to sign and get notarized. My rent was going up and my mom refuse to co-sign and I found a cheaper & better place with a roommate that my mom approved of. I called my landlord on 2 Dec 2011 informed her that I wanted to move and she hung up on me and supposedly call the owner and then called me back told me I was bound to the lease cause I was over 21 and they really didn't need my mom signature that she was just a credit crutch. Before hand I was told she was required and I did not receive a copy of the new lease cause landlord, I guess, was waiting till I submitted my moms papers. I was told to find someone to sublease to, but I feel they are just trying to coerce me into staying. I live at the apt. but my family helps pay for it. I feel that I should be able to get out it for 2 reasons. 1st being I was told I need a cosigner and the landlord waiting for my mom papers and then told when my mom refuse to the terms of the renewal that I am still bound since I am of age and have already sign(which I did cause it was easier than hunting for a notary) basically the landlord lied to me about the cosigner and 2nd not waiting for the approval of all parties(my cosigner) on the original lease.

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