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Does a dismissed infraction charge show up on criminal record?

Palo Alto, CA |

I got a fare evasion ticket (PC 640) in Caltrain (Santa Clara county). I got the ticket dismissed. (traffic court). Now I am wondering for job applications, can this dismissed charge show up on background checks? If yes, is there a remedy to seal the court record.

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First, there is no way to seal that kind of record. A dismissed infraction will not affect employment applications which really only ask for convictions,


There is no remedy to seal the court record. However, an infraction is not a crime so if you were asked if you had ever been arrested or cited for a crime your answer is no. Second, the infraction was dismissed so there was no penalty for the infraction.

Christine C McCall

Christine C McCall


California State licensing agencies consider infractions crimes and require that, except for traffic offenses carrying penalties of less than $300, infractions be disclosed on applications for State licenses.


An infraction is not a crime, so it won't show up on your "criminal record". I can't imagine that it would have any impact on you getting hired, particularly if it was dismissed. No real way to seal the court record. I suggest not worrying about this. Good luck.

Jasen Nielsen

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