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Does a conviction of assault & battery result in the loss of a nursing license or a certified nursing assist. certificate?

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The events are non work related and there was no injury .

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Do not take this situation lightly as a criminal conviction can result in your license being suspended. Depending on the offense, you could be temporally or permanently excluded from practicing nursing. According to the Board of Registration in Nursing, which regulates your license, you must establish that you have “good moral character” for the Board to find that you are safe and competent to practice nursing. A criminal conviction however, establishes that your character poses a risk to the public health, safety or welfare of the public and as a result the Board could conclude that you cannot provide competent nursing care and will suspend your license. Hire an attorney.

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That depends on the regulations that go along with your certificate and license. Sounds like you may have an attorney already. If you do, then ask your attorney this questions and he should be able to answer it for you since you are the client.
If you do not have an attorney, then I suggest you contact one IMMEDIATELY and schedule a consultation.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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I can only speak for what happens in California in these situations and, yes it definitely can have an effect on your license. However, there are attorneys who specialize in assisting professionals such as yourself with the licensing boards. I would check around on Avvo and see if there is an attorney who you can discuss this question with. Most Avvo attorneys offer a free consultation over the telephone. Good luck with your situation.

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