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Does a conduct order expire if not indicated?

Torrance, CA |

This is in California. I obtained a stipulated conduct order ordering my ex to stay away from myself and my home and also included no harassment. This was done during divorce procedings. There is no expiration date indicated on the order that is signed by the judge. Our divorce is final now, but there is nothing in the divorce decree identifying the conduct order. My question is: Is the conduct order still in place or was it deleted because the divorce did not include it?

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Your query doesn't specify if the judge that approved the marital settlement agreement is the same judge that signed the restraining order, or if there were different judges, which didn't know about each other's otders, but generally judges' orders don't expire unless and until they or some other judge with jurisdiction makes a further order.

You're best off asking the lawyer(s) who helped you with these orders.

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