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Does a Canadian citizen need a visa/permit to work in the US.

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If someone is already a Canadian citizen, do they need any visa or permit to work over here in the U.S.? If so, which visa or permit would they need, and if not, what then do they need?

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Yes, to work in the US, a Canadian citizen will need a work visa, just like any other foreign national. Those are the H-1B, O-1 (if extraordinary in one's field) or specific for Canadian and Mexicans, the "TN" Treaty Nafta work visa valid in 3 year increments.

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Canadian citizens enjoy many benefits int he US but he or she will need a work permit nonetheless. Speak to an attorney to see what options are available based on the profession of the applicant and employment opportunities n the US.


Canadians may visit by simply presenting a valid passport. Canadians must obtain work authorization to obtain employment by a U.S. employer.

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