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Does a 3 day notice is a beging step or is it legal to lock me out

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Yes. If you do nothing, you will most likely be served with a summons and complaint. Speak to a LL-T lawyer.

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If the reason for the eviction is non-payment of rent, then yes, a three day notice is required. If it is based upon a 20 day notice, then no a 20 day termination notice is required, if it is based upon failure to comply with lease terms, a ten day notice is required.

A landlord may not change the locks without a valid court order. Only the sheriff may physically remove you from the property.

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A three day notice to pay rent or vacate is required for the court to hear an eviction case for rent. The landlord must accept rent paid in the three day notice period. After the three days if you have not paid or vacated the landlord must sue you to get a court order instructing the sheriff to transfer possession to your landlord. That takes about three weeks to go from service of summons and complaint to a lock out. If you vacate before a judgment is entered the court loses jurisdiction. The landlord can still sue for the unpaid rent.

Get the notice to a landlord tenant lawyer for review. If you are low income you may qualify for free review with the pierce county bar housing justice project.

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