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Does telephone contacts and the fugitive's occasion support he offered his family (wife,kids) US fall into the below violatio

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If a suspect is oversea, there is an outstanding bench warrant in county court for felony, Per new law thereon: Family members no longer exempt from “aiding and abetting a fugitive” laws Previously, a family member ( husband, wife, parent, child, brother, or sister to the offender) was exempt from prosecution for harboring or aiding a fugitive. Senate Bill 252 Removes the family member exemption from prosecution for actively aiding a fugitive. Only minors are now exempt from the statute. Actively aiding a fugitive is a Class 4 felony. A Class 4 felony can mean 1 to 3 years in prison and/or up to $25000 fine.

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This statute appears to prohibit certain conduct by the family towards to fugitive, not vice versa. What is said in the telephone conversations and what the money is being used for are important a criminal lawyer should be consulted

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Much too important to answer on here. Seek the counsel of a criminal defense attorney in person.

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