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DOCwarrants escapee from community custody what is the chain comandFROM THEM TOCOURT ?

Wenatchee, WA |

THAY HAD A WARRANTound issued for some one else kick the door in and dident find the person that thay were looking for but say thay found drugs charging me with a possession and the person that had the warrant was arrested was nevheer charged with escapee from DOC so i contacted the courts and told me there was no record of a warrant for that person isent that an a illegal search

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Attorney answers 3


It is imperative that you talk to an attorney. Good luck.


In order to arrest a person inside someone else's home, police need both a search warrant for that home, and an arrest warrant for that person. If the police entered your home pursuant to a valid search warrant, and found drugs in plain view, then you're likely out of luck. Your best bet is to get an attorney and fight the validity of the warrant. The fact that there was no public filing of the warrant doesn't mean it doesn't exist.


With an attorney, he/she can get all of the discovery and see what is happening with the warrant(s). It is important to look at all of this information to get a game plan. Do you have an attorney? If not get one for sure. I live in Moses Lake is I can help.