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Documents for n-400 after vawa

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I am ready to apply for citizenship after approved vawa green card 3 years ago. Should I add to my documents 3 years of tax returns? I also have a baby with my current girlfriend (we are not marry yet), should I add the baby birth certificate? Thanks

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You do not need to enclose your tax returns to your application , but you need to bring it to the interview .


There is no difference in naturalization path, based on the reason for which you become an LPR.

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If you read the USCIS instructions to the N-400 form, you will see a list of the documents you must attach to your application. Go to, click on 'forms' and look at the instructions there. Good Luck!

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Floow the directions carefully or have a professional ( immigration attorney ) prepare for you. No need to enclose the birth certificate but you should bring to the interview.


There is a general list of documents included in the instructions to the form N-400, however, you may need other documents, based on the individual details of your case. It is always best to hire an immigration attorney to avoid mistakes on the front end.

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