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Doctors gave his patient too much lasik which caused/led to kidney failure.

Virginia Beach, VA |

Doctors became overwhelmed with the massive amount of fluid being retained as it was leading to congestive heart failure in the patient, so they prescribed lasik treatments. The large amounts of lasik treatments given to that patient directly caused the kidney failure. At the time, doctor even acknowledge the fact, and told the patient that lasik was the reason for the kidney failure. Now the patient is in first stages of Renals Kidney Disease and has to receive dialysis. She has medicare, but is having a hard time obtaining medicaid and its has been nearly a year, and her bills are accumulating. Could the patient sue the doctors for malpractice or what type of case would this be?

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It's important to learn the cause of the fluid retention. Heart failure can cause flluid retention. If the fluid retention had not been treated wouldn't the patient have suffered worsening heart failure? Was the patient taking any heart medications at the time the fluid retention occurred? The doctors may have found the only remaining treatment was something like lasik. You should consult a lawyer with experience in Virginia medical malpractice cases but make sure you have all the facts and an accurate history for the lawyer to consider.

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