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Do you think the court will let me pay my fine payment a few days late?

Mojave, CA |

i currently do not have a job and wont have the money till about 5 days after my payment is due . i also am in the process of getting my license so i don't want it to affect that .

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Sure, they'll let you, but you'll be paying more than the fine - they'll add late fees, etc. And, if this is a criminal fine, they "could" issue a bench warrant for your arrest due to non-payment (you don't mention what kind of fine this is). As far as your license goes, if it is paid before you apply for it, no issue since it's paid. But, if it's not, then your license won't be issued.

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It's best to inform the court of your financial circumstances prior to being late.


This is more of a criminal law issue than a late fee issue, so I will change the Practice Area for you in hopes you may get some additional responses.

Generally, if you do NOTHING, the Court will AUTOMATICALLY add significant amounts of money (sometimes double or triple the total amount) to an unpaid fine AND might issue a bench warrant for your arrest (depending on the amount of the fine and the reason for it).

You should contact the Court clerk IMMEDIATELY (do NOT wait until you are late!!) to find out (a) what happens if you are a few days late; and (b) if there is any way to get a brief extension of time.

If this is a serious fine that could result in a bench warrant, you should beg and borrow to get this paid on time. Getting arrested adds a HUGE amount of complications and expense that will far exceed the fine.

Good luck.

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Contact the criminal clerk's office and ask them what the ramifications will be if you pay a few days late. It might be better to do it in person; sometimes one-on-one is more effective and you can convince the clerk to handle it specially for you. If this happened in LA and not Mojave, that would be useless to try. But in smaller and friendlier counties you might be able to make something like that happen.

The clerk can also tell you how to put yourself on calendar to inform the court, if the clerk thinks that would be necessary.