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Do you think I have a chance?

Las Vegas, NV |

I am 37 and have an old unexpired permanent resident card. I need to get it renewed but thought that maybe i can get my citizenship. I have been married before for 5 years, I have 1 child, lived in the US since 1971, and my father was in the military air force but never met him. I was born in PI but never on a military base. I got a gross misdemeanor in 1998 for 1 count of Possession of credit card w/o consent. I had 10 counts against me at that time and was placed on 6mth probation and paid fines and community service. Didn't serve jail time. With all that being said do you even think i have a fair chance to get my citizenship? Do you think I need to get a lawyer first? Here is what I see A) Being I was married to a citizen B) Being I have a US child C) the charge was a while back and i have not did anything like that since then. D) My father who is not on my birth certificate, I have to find him and then prove he is my father. Oh by the way my mother is trying to get her citizenship as well. It would be quite sad if she got it and i never can.

My parents have never been married. He was already married before my mother ever knew he was.

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Yes, I think you should retain an experienced immigration lawyer to prepare and file for citizenship, if that is the route you decide to take. The CMT is 10 years old, and should not per se bar your application, but will justify extra care in the preparation of the package. I am presuming that your parents were not married, and that he did not provide any support during your childhood. Meet with an attorney, and get a certified copy of the criminal record for his/her review (you will need it for the application, anyway). Good luck.