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Do you think I could get SSI or SSD for Hypothyroidism and or Hypoparathyroidism?

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I recently asked this question, with a few responses that I very much appreciate, but I really want to know if its worth even trying to obtain. After my cancer, I have not came across one instance where anyone got approved for these diagnosis in all of my research.
Do you think I stand a chance of obtaining either SSI or SSD for my diagnosis?

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It depends upon whether or not this condition makes you unable to function in the work place. It depends if the doctor who is treating you for this will opine it makes you unable to function in the work place for a period exceeding 12 months or expected to exceed 12 months. It depends if despite medical treatment you will not be able to function in the work place acccording to your doctor. It also depends upon your age, past work experience, and education.

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It is difficult to answer without a total evaluation of your claim because the ssi system is based on a grid that takes into consideration a variety of factors including age, work history, disability ratings and vocational limitations you may have. Your best bet is to sit down with an ssi attorney

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