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Do you pay the fine at or after court?

Lancaster, WI |

I have to go to court for my 2nd underage, do I pay the fine at court of will I have time to pay it after?

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You may request time to pay the fine when you go to court. Usually the judge will order you to pay within 60 days or get on a payment plan with the clerk of courts. If you miss payments on the payment plan, the clerk of courts may tell you that they will no longer accept partial payments and will want the entire balance, so make sure you don't skip payments.

Good luck.

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Before simply pleading out to this charge, which will likely result in the loss of your driver's license, you may want to consult a local attorney about your options. Good luck.

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Both of my fellow attorneys offer sound advice. However, I would take their advice in reverse. First speak with a local attorney about your charges, the facts and the potential penalties wich could be imposed. Then worry about when the fines are payable. Good Luck.

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