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Do you need to tell current employer about misdemeanor conviction (not related to the job) with suspended sentence & probation?

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On the job application, it asked if you have any felony convictions which I had no convictions at the time when I applied. After having the job, if I end up with a misdemeanor that will not cause me to miss any time, am I required to disclose that since it was not something that would have been asked on application if I applied for job after the misdemeanor?

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Based on the facts as you have reported them, in my view, "less is more". Translation: Since a misdemeanor is NOT the same thing as a felony conviction, it would appear that you need not say anything. Good luck and best regards, Rob Fortgang - Employment Law Attorneys serving Connecticut and Massachusetts / 800-932-6457 / 860-658-1055 /

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I agree with Atty Fortgang, if there is no requirement that you keep your employer updated with criminal convictions, there is no need to keep your employer updated. This is particularly the case if your employer is only interested in felony convictions.

If your employment may be jeopardized by the conviction, I recommend you speak to an employment lawyer like Atty Fortgang.

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