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Do you help people get out of jail for child support

Detroit, MI |

my friend has back child support and has been in jail for a week now. do you help get them out of jail and do they need a lawyer present for his court date

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An attorney could assist with this matter. However, it is not clear how or why he is in jail. Was it based on a warrant? Was he charged with felony non-support? Was he held in contempt? And what is his next court date for?

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It is always a good idea to be represented by a lawyer. A lawyer may be able to get him a deferred or delayed sentence which could possibly lower the charge from a felony to a misdemeanor. I agree that it is not clear why he is in jail and more information is needed. Consult with an experienced criminal attorney in your area.


Generally, this is a money issue. If this is a friend of the court matter, they will negotiate for payment to have your friend released. If he does not make the payment he will sit in jail for a little while. If this is a felony non support case, generally the bond is set at 25% of the arrearage. If he is convicted, it will be up to the Judge to decided how much more jail he will serve within the limits allowable by law. The position of the Court is usually to get the non paying parent to pay his or her obligation by holding additional incarceration over his or her head.


He is entitled to a court appointed attorney. He should request one if he has not gone in front of the Judge yet. If he has most likely the judge has already held him in contempt and sentenced him.